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ZedOne Bypass Filter System

The ZedOne Bypass Filter System is a bypass oil filtration system that passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through a very dense filter cartridge at between 3 to 6 litres per minute.  It works on hydraulic, engine oil and fuel systems. The filter has an absolute rating of 3 microns, meaning that it will filter down to 1µ and remove 99.5 % of all particles above 3µ in a single pass. It also removes 99.95% of all water but does not remove the oils additive package. This system can be fitted in addition to standard full flow filtration and once the unit is purchased, it is transferrable to other plants.


Removes 99.5% of Water
Water will always be present because of the heating and cooling of components in an engine. The ZedOne  Filtration System will remove all water down to less than 0.05%, reducing the formation of sulfuric acid that will cause accelerated wear to engine components.

Removes Dirt and Contaminants
Dirt and wear metals will always be present in Hydraulic and Engine oil which is why most fluid changes are done (to get rid of the dirt and contaminants). Using the ZEDOne Filtration System you will filter the fluid down to 1-micron in size reducing wear and tear and increasing the engine life.

Doesn't Remove Oil Additives
The ZedOne Filtration System only removes dirt, contaminants, wear metal particles and water;  it does not removing any oil additives needed for optimum performance.

Extends Drain Intervals
Our independent oil sampling test will indicate the life of the oil but on average the drain is extended up to 10 times what it would be without the ZedOne Filtration System.

Reduces Service Time and Downtime
Changing an ZedOne Filtration Cartridge takes much less time a conventional full fluid change, which reduces costs and ensures the vehicle's downtime is minimized.

Good for the Environment
Longer drain intervals mean less oil is consumed, vehicle run more efficiently and cleanly and the easy filter change reduces the risk of spills and ground contamination associated with a full drain fluid change.