ZEDOne is 100% New Zealand owned and operated

" The oil life was extended to 2000 hour oil drain intervals and wear rates reduced by 53% compared to before ZedOne was installed. Zed One fuel filters that were removed from the trucks were extremely contaminated (Black) which meant the filters were effective in preventing a large amount of contaminants returning to the sump".




Part of HWR - The Richardson group NZ. Have been using our filters for 6 years.

  • Trial was run by LENS group, formally the consultation arm of Allied Lubricants NZ, Mobil Oil NZ
  • Final report stated
    • Group 1 - synthetic oil and Astrea filters (now Zed One) 4.5% fuel savings on status quo
    • Group 2 – Mineral oils with filters 3.9% fuel savings on status quo
  • 2000-hour oil drains- Fitting to new equipment since 2016. 
  • Allied concrete is currently retro fitting existing plant. When complete they will be saving 54,000 litres of oil a year. That is 263 Barrels of oil saved every year!