ZEDOne is 100% New Zealand owned and operated

"The ZedOne bypass filtration system certainly exceeded expectations and convinced me that we should be installing them throughout Fulton Hogan."

Graham Eaton




have been using ZedOne filters for over 10 years. 

  • ZedOne filters are mandatory on new equipment on both engine and hydraulic systems with an oil sump of 15 litres or greater.
  • Quote from - the workshop seminar ‘Sept 2019’ literature – “with By-Pass filtration fitted, we have typically seen oil drain intervals extend out to 2000 + hours. (from 500 hours) This equates to a further 40% savings in servicing / R&M costs.”
  • Fulton Hogan are in the process of retro fitting their existing plant. When complete they will be saving on Average 117,220 litres of oil a year. That is 571 Barrels of oil saved every year!