ZEDOne is 100% New Zealand owned and operated

"I am impressed with how simple and uncomplicated the ZedOne oil filtration systems are. I would recommend ZedOne to anyone that has their own equipment as a cost saving initiative while improving the sustainability of the fleet, operation and the environment." 

Greg Pert, Director & Owner


TRANZLIQUID 43 Mostly Kenworths, double shifted (with high annual use) used primarily for fuel and bitumen transportation. The trucks are serviced externally through Trucklines in Mount Maunganui. ZedOne Bypass Filtration Systems have been fitted for over 12 years. We now change oil at 90,000kms. Initially extended to 120,000kms between changes but optimised and settled on 90,000kms. We have traveled an estimated 72,000,000 km on the ZedOne Bypass Filtration System. Fitted to all new trucks, no oil related failures to date. Saved around 64,000 Litres of oil or 320 Barrels during that time