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The ZedOne Bypass Filter Cartridge will remove particles down to 3 micron (relative) and totally remove water. The principle for filtering particulate matter is ‘liquid chromatography’ which is in effect allowing a fluid to drain down a surface which will progressively arrest particles. This is achieved by having the tissue rolled on a core. Oil is passed up the core, collecting in a cavity to be forced back down between countless layers where particles are absorbed within the matrix created by millions of cellulose fibres.

While the ZedOne Bypass Filter System is extracting the water and the contaminants, it is continuously safeguarding the desirable elements compounded within the actual oil in use. These typically include: dispersants, detergents, oxidation and rust inhibitors, metal deactivators, pour-point depressants, viscosity improvers, lubricity agents,fungicidal, anti-foaming and gelling additives. These additives are held in suspension and their levels can be critical if the oil is to maintain its beneficial qualities.

All ZedOne standard cartridges are ex-stock with 24hr delivery within New Zealand