ZEDOne is 100% New Zealand owned and operated


ZedOne provides a solution to meet the increasing issues around contamination. This includes ways of becoming more sustainable in an industry where it is difficult and costly to introduce 'green' initiatives.


All hydraulics and lubrication systems do require ultimate equipment performance which means minimal downtime and long-term reliability. ZedOne reduces the wear and tear by providing a simple and affordable filtration solution that will suit all hydraulic and lubrication systems and provide services to everyone from a single vehicle owner-operator to a large organisation with multiple applications.

In addition ZedOne offer a Conditional Maintenance programme which is tailormade to your specific needs no matter how large your site is. This means you wont get a 'one size fits all' approach, instead we will ensure that maintenance is based on the actual needs/conditions of your vehicles as opposed to some pre-set programme more suited to a non New-Zealand environment.